lundi 7 juillet 2014

Preparation [eng]

These are the essential preparations to start your learning in right conditions :
  • Buy a special notebook for your lessons. Write in big letters "Asm 68k" on the first page. This notebook will serve you constantly at the beginning to write down your notes and even after when you'll be seasoned. Indeed it's faster and useful to scribble memos with a pen than in a text file saved on your hard drive
  • Cygnus Editor (Ced) = A very well made text editor, the best to write the sources of your programs
  • Asm One = An assembler and also a step by step debugger, very useful to see and test what your chained mnemonics really do. It also contain a sources editor but less practical compared to Ced. A very interesting memory viewer is also available.
  • Phxass = Command line assembler which will be installed in C: and used only with the CLI. To use most of the time with Ced to compile your sources
  • The 3.9 RKM = These are the official documentations which detail all the Kickstart funtions
  • A guide describing all the of 68k mnemonics = Downloadable from Aminet
  • Optional = A calculator which offer binary/decimal/hexadecimal conversions which sometime may be useful.

You are now fully ready to start !
(translated by Squaley)

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